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Founded on choices about everything from floor plan arrangements, interior fabrications, cabinetry configuration, furnishings, floor coverings and lighting to the one-of-a-kind Interior graphics, Platinum Mobi Craft 12 sitters super luxury can be what you wish it to be, the only finest Mobi Craft with its singular Interior and advanced comfort along with highest safety, it is a unique experience…
Car Features
Engine Capacity 3000 CC diesel smooth engine by Mercedes
External German Air Conditioner runs on inbuilt generator
Additional A/C for a driver's cabin
Individual seat with safety seat belts
Bumper sensor and review camera
Plush Interior, eluted cabin space with White and Yellow lights
High business standards total reclining leather seats
Seats along with serving flap having Glass and Bottle holder
Total insulated body from Heat and Sound (Like Volvo)
20" LCD screen with Home Theater along with DVD Player
On board announcement facilities
Refrigerator - 100Ltr.
Wooden flooring
Laptop and Mobile Chargers
Tariff Details
Trip Type USD
Short (4hrs/40km) 10000 222.5
Local (8hrs/80km) 15000 333.5
Outstation (250km) 18750 417
Extra Per Hour 1000 22.5
Extra Per Kilometer 75 1.6
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