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Toyota Hiace
Traveling together was never been so fun, but with Toyota Hiace (Super Luxury Collective Travel Solution) we assure you an experience of joyous travel, while you clinch your business deals on the way.
Car Features
Engine Capacity 2000 CC diesel smooth engine
Super Air Conditioner
Designed for easy maneuverability
Electronic Power Steering
Seats with safety seat belts
Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS)
Spacious interior
High business standards seats
Laptop and mobile chargers
Heat repelling structure
LCD screen with speakers
Tariff Details
Trip Type USD
Short (4hrs/40km) 7500 166.5
Local (8hrs/80km) 10000 222.5
Outstation (250km) 15000 333.5
Extra Per Hour 750 16.5
Extra Per Kilometer 60 1.5
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