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9 points to consider when partnering with a travel agency for your organization:

Businesses whether small or large, need travel management services these days to enhance their efficiency. Many times, they deploy dedicated staff to manage their employees' travel tasks, whether it's booking hotels, booking flight tickets, or managing the fleet of cars. It takes a lot of effort for the staff.

Therefore, travel management agencies play an important role in shaping the process of travel desk, helping businesses to optimize resources & productively by addressing the chaos of travel queries like getting the best deal for hotel booking, and flight booking & cancellation, rescheduling, and the list goes on.

Industries like IT, pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, insurance, and manufacturing require travel solutions for employees to travel safely and comfortably. Outsourcing your travel operations can help you focus on your core business areas, saving you from deploying your resources on the highly complex process of travel transactions. Businesses benefit a lot from availing of these services and save a lot of time energy and resources.

What are the key points to consider when choosing or outsourcing your travel tasks to a travel management agency?

Depending on the size of your business you may consider choosing a travel agency to take care of your travel tasks.

1. Team/Staff:

While choosing or onboarding a travel agency you need to look at their team setup, how professional the team is, and how they treat their staff, you should consider onboarding drivers who are trained to take care of guests.

2. Total years of their Market Presence:

The total year’s presence of the agencies in the market gives you a fair idea about of that agency, you can check your profile and understand how long they have been in this service market which gives you a lot of important information in choosing the right travel partner. You can easily log into their web properties like websites and social media and understand how they are presenting their business to the audience and how long they have been in the service market. service

3. Customer Reviews:

Client reviews and testimonials give you a lot of mileage to understand their credibility in the service sector so you can go through their social media and their website and their Google reviews to understand what customers are saying about their service delivery. To do this you can just search their agency on the internet, you must visit their social media profile where you can easily access their review profile to understand how they are treating their customers and what customers are responding to in return.

4. Train staff especially Drivers:

The checking agency has trained staff, especially drivers, to deliver their services. Usually, the driver plays a very important role in the travel, where the junior executives to the top executives of your company and the driver staff should be well trained to take care of your executives as they will be regularly traveling with them for hours. , therefore, you should know how their driver staff is trained Before signing a large contract with a travel agency you can try a simple trip with these agencies, this has to be done with the utmost secrecy without revealing that an official booking or taking their service for demo. of course, everyone will try to give you the best service or impress you, book their services as a stranger and observe their service experience.

5. Price:

Prices are the deciding factor for onboarding the travel services of any travel partner category, depending on the services provided in that domain, the standard price will be identical, and the prices will not vary much as you can check the prices. Get those prices online by searching on the internet or visiting their websites, or by calling customer care, and understand the price being offered by the agency, there should be pricing estimation from different agencies before finalizing the price. But it is recommended that you should be very confident about the service they provide in your travel.

6. Certified Ground Staff:

While partnering with any travel agency especially a car rental agency where staff from various profiles is engaged with customers/guests throughout the day, ensuring the staff like the driver, ground support team, supervisors, guards, housekeeping staff, and attendants must obtain identity, address, and character verification from the police department. Adherence to this will ensure that no person with a criminal background is engaged in the role to curtail possible mishaps.

7. Vehicle Cleanliness and Hygiene:

In the demo test of the service, it can be easily understood or experienced, how are they maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the vehicles. Vehicles and support staff to follow the safety rules prescribed by the authorities considering the epidemic situation.

8. Regular Wear and Tear of Vehicles:

Proper vehicle maintenance prevents mid-journey breakdowns. Close attention to fleet maintenance will ensure smooth operations and fewer breakdowns while guests are on board. Any unscheduled failure can cost millions of dollars in business for clients, due to disruptions, delays in reaching destinations, meetings, etc. The agency must ensure vehicles are properly serviced, air pressure, engine oil, and engines are in good condition.

9. Security Aspects:

Safety must be the highest priority for any organization as you are the most valuable resource your employees travel in this vehicle so no travel agency should compromise on safety aspects while onboarding. You must check their past data if there are any incidents reported then the overall pattern will give you a proper idea about the gas safety measures taken by the travel agency.